The Clean Freek family are dedicated to achieving the best from themselves & one another.  We push each other’s boundaries & aspire to be better in every aspect of our daily life. This can be seen from the work that we do, our training and most importantly the people we help through spreading the Clean Freek brand. Each member was chosen for their dedication, energy and all-round positivity for the fitness world in one way or another, you won’t find a more enthusiastic and competitive bunch!

About Clean Freek

Clean Freek was founded in mid 2016 by brothers Paul & James Ling.

Full of fitspiration and genuine grit and a love of gym life, these brothers truly are the living embodiment of success through hard work in the gym. Both brothers have their own individual reasons for training as hard as they do but one thing stands out, both have real life transformation stories and it shows through their relentless drive for changing the fitness industry for the better.


Paul started working for Goldshield Technology in 2015 in the infection control field working predominantly in medical, veterinary & nursing home environments. Although he felt passionately about the technology and the people that it would help in these environments, his first & real love still remained in the fitness industry.


In April 2016, released the results of a clinical trial conducted in the U.S., which highlighted how contaminated gyms were. The results showed that the average free-weight is 362 times more bacterially laden than a toilet seat. It was after seeing this study that Paul decided that the technology used in keeping people safe in hospitals could be used in the gym setting both by the premises and users alike.


Throughout a long career in technical and fitness sales and a forensic science degree specialising in pharmacology and pathophysiology and combined with a history of martial arts study and teaching, the Clean Freek mantra certainly embodied the importance of Christian’s work life balance. Combining health, ground breaking science and a love of fitness, Clean Freek was the perfect fit for our Sales Director.




The friendliest, energetic, dedicated and crazy fitness professional you’ve ever met! Not only is Abigail a brilliant PT, but she also manages a gym, runs a multitude of classes including Olympic lifting, trains 4 hours a day, fits in a beach run and a swim every other day and on top of all that, looks after her gorgeous little shih tzu Charlie! Abigail is truly an inspiration for everyone as she’s dedicated her whole life to becoming fitter and helping others reach their goals! As well as all this, she is an absolutely amazing Clean FReek Athlete and Clean FReek Ambassador!


We dare you to find anyone as driven and as motivated, there is truly nothing this girl can’t do!




KT would probably be one of the most active people we know, if she wasn’t so good at getting injured!! As you can see from her profile pic, not even a cast leg can stop her!


Part of the problem is her desire to get out and try everything, which has so far resulted in tearing apart a shoulder joint surfing in LA, cracking a collarbone playing rugby, breaking a big toe in the gym, taking chunks out of her legs rock climbing, and being helicoptered off a mountain in the Alps!


However, all of this time on the bench means that her enthusiasm and energy is channelled into her work, which works out pretty well for whatever she has set her mind to. With years of experience in all aspects of events, coupled with her somewhat out of the box thinking, means we think she’s the perfect person to tackle Clean Freek's Special Projects.